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Terms & Instructions

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Terms & Instructions


Payment methods:

1. Payment with debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc).


2. Payment with Paypal.

3. Payment by the app "Vipps".

Log in to your Vipps-app on the cellphone and type in the company vipps-number:

- 789825 - Choose the products you wish to pay for.

Choose the tab CD-Album.


4. Payment via internetbank/onlinebank/mobilebank to the companys account number:

- 3633.43.05915 -

Write in the product information tab on the payment widget which product you wish to pay for.

5. Pay with cash. If you visit Ellertsen Studio,

or schedule a meeting spot, you may pay with cash. If you recieve a digital invoice after paying with cash, just choose manual payment option, and click pay. 

An Invoice will be sent to the e-mail adresse you submit in the store, when the order is registered in the system. For any queries regarding payment, or other matters, please contact

Please note: 

This is not a conventional online store. To recieve the CDs, 

please fill out the form in the store. Choose from the list which product you want to buy. Purchases will be sent as regular mail to the adress you submit. When purchasing CDs 

you also get a link to download the MP3s for free.

Printing time may vary bewteen 1-14 days. Chipping time may also vary. 

For international orders: Please contact me one-mail for further instructions. 

Payment for MP3s are done directly in the music player widget.

Paypal, visa, mastercard and many other payment methods are available.  

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