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The Story

Ellertsen Studio is a local indie studio located in the south of Bergen, Norway, just north of the airport. It was officially founded in december of 2016, although it has been active in a previus location as a bedroom studio since 2009. Before that, however, it was still a music production room, but with a much easier setup. In the early years the studio was mainly used as a practice room for the then young founder Karl Andreas Ellertsen. Many of the songs produced today have its core and its roots, from as far back as 2003.


The studio is independent, wich means that it has complete legal and creative freedom. The studio releases all products using independent suppliers, or in some cases print them on site. The digital distribution however, goes through the austrian company Rebeat Digital GmbH. They provide access to online streaming services and manage online monetization.


Ellertsen Studio has produced a lot of songs over the years, but many of them are not professional releases. That´s because of the quality of many of the productions has only in recent years, met the industry standard. The goal is to upgrade the projects of the past and release them again. If you are one of the people who remembers songs from the previous version of this website, don´t worry. In time those songs will resurface once again. Stay tuned. Thanks for the support!    

- Karl Andreas, founder of Ellertsen Studio.

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