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Karl Andreas Ellertsen

Hi, I'm Karl Andreas.

I am a musician from Bergen, Norway. 
I am the CEO of Ellertsen Studio, founded in 2016. 

      About me:     

I have played music for as long as I can remember, and I have always liked to perform and create music. The guitar is my life companion and it`s the instrument I have played the longest. I also play the piano, drums, bass, organ and harmonica. I write and perform all my own songs.      

You can find all my Albums under Music in the top menu. On each album there is info, pictures and music players. 

The  Song Library  is a collection of my latest releases. There you can find exclusive music, and a massive playlist called - The Collection. The playlist contains music that were available on the previous version of this website. While listening, you can read the lyrics from The Notebook. It contains all the lyrics alphabetically.

In the Musicians page you can find information about the artists and musicians that i have cooperated with over the years. Here you can find their contributions to my productions. You can also find links to their social media. 

      The Store     

If you wish to buy my music, you can enter The Store. Here you can buy physical releases on Vinyl and CD.
(PS: The Store is currently unavailable.)

      Ellertsen Studio      

Learn more about the label Ellertsen Studio and its productions. Check out the photo gallery to see the studio from the inside. 

      Social Media      

Watch my latest videos from Youtube. 
Listen to my music on streaming.

Feel free to share and comment my music and videos.

You can also find me on Facebook, or send me an email.


I hope you enjoy my website.
Welcome to


All music, lyrics, pictures and videos presented is 

Copyrighted © by Karl Andreas Ellertsen 2013-2020

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