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Album Info

Released 10.04.2019

Mørkeblå Soldater (2019)

1.    Mørkeblå Soldater (4:11) | Karl Andreas Ellertsen © & ℗ 2019. Physical Distribution by Ellertsen Studio, Bergen, Norway. Digital Distribution by Rebeat Digital Gmbh, Tulln, Austria. All Trademarks and Logos are protected. All Rights Reserved. Made in Norway. 


Recogntion of the contributions to my music

Karl Andreas Ellertsen:
Main Artist, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Mixer.

Songwriting/Composing Credits

Tobias Ellertsen:


Recording Credits

Tobias Ellertsen:

Main Vocals, Choir 

Simen Engelsen:

Grimstad Fotballkor:

Choir, Chanting, Ambiences

Digital Distibution:
Rebeat Digital GmbH, Austria
Physical Distribution:
Ellertsen Studio, Norway
Website Support & Design:
Karl Andreas Ellertsen &
Vetle Tessem, Norway

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